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If there is one thing Breckenridge is known for, it is being the go-to place for finding outdoor adventures and all the best things to do. Planted amid a handful of peaks that make up the Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge offers everything from general sightseeing to skiing, and, of course, the annual Break Epic race for mountain bikers.

What Is Breck Epic?

Brek Epic is an annual mountain biking race held in Breckenridge, CO, and pulled together by the Greenspeed Project. This staged event spans several days every summer and takes participants through some of the most alluring trails etched through 3,000 acres of the area.

Riders go around, through, and up different areas of the five Rocky Mountain peaks in Breckenridge. The courses can be fun but brutal to complete and yield some of the most captivating scenic views in the state. Therefore, Breck Epic is often a “bucket-list” race for dedicated bikers, and just completing every leg of the race is said to guarantee walking away with a sense of pride. However, the bikers with the fastest numbers every day also have a chance at some serious prize money and clout.

What to Expect for Breck Epic 2023

Breck Epic 2023 will be the 15th edition of this magnificent event, presented by Shimano and Yeti Cycles. This year’s race is scheduled to take place August 13th through the 18th. The 2023 Breck Epic will consist of six massive loops through the backcountry, and each looped course is set to be anywhere from 35 to 50 miles in length.

Each loop of the race will begin and end within only a mile of downtown Breckenridge, and the trails themselves weave all around the interconnected paths around both Park and Summit County, including some areas that make up the Breck Epic Discovery area. Breck Epic Discovery (aka Epic Discovery at Breckenridge) is a local park for everything from skiing and mountain biking to ziplining and otherwise exploring the alpine mountain peaks.

How Many Riders in the Breck Epic for 2023?

Break Epic has chosen to cap the number of allowed riders in 2023 to 400. While the course is definitely large and long enough to accommodate more riders, the event organizers chose to limit riders to make way for an overall better experience for those involved. Plus, limiting the number of riders prevents the event from jamming up the local trail system where others also enjoy spending their time.

Heading to Breckenridge for Breck Epic?

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