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With spring on the horizon, you may feel a little bummed to see some of the local ski slopes shutting down. But, don’t forget! There’s a huge reason to have a smile on your face during spring in Breck: 4/20! At Breckenridge Organic Therapy we’re celebrating the day for the good green from the 19th to the 21st of April. So you’ll catch the best 4/20 deals all weekend long to fuel your 4/20 festivities and events. Check out all the details below.

Wait, what is 420, exactly?

“420” is a phrase deeply entwined with cannabis culture, although the 420 meaning can be unique depending on who you ask. The usage of the phrase is thought to have emerged from a regular group of friends who used to meet and smoke at 4:20 pm every afternoon. Eventually, simply “420” became synonymous with “smoking weed” in an attempt to keep weed undercover. However, 420 today is also recognized as April 20th, which is one of the biggest, unofficial cannabis holidays celebrated around the planet.

Catch the Best 4/20 Dispensary Deals in Breckenridge at BOT

Pre-rolls For Sale in Breckenridge, CO

Our dispensary is pretty well-known for offering some of the best weed deals around, but we always ramp things up when it comes to 4/20. We have a full collection of 4/20 dispensary deals in the works to make sure every customer has access to a good deal on a product they love. A few picks you may see in the lineup include:

Other 4/20 Events Happening in Colorado

If you’re looking for a big celebration for 4/20, being in Colorado is undeniably one of the best places to be. Since Colorado was one of the first states to go recreationally legal, some of the biggest 4/20 celebrations happen right here! One of the biggest events in the country is the Mile High 420 Festival in Denver, which involves everything from good food to free concerts. If you’re heading to the festival from the west in a town like Eagle, be sure to stop in and stock up on weed along the way at Breckenridge Organic Therapy.

Explore the Best 4/20 Deals in Breckenridge at Breckenridge Organic Therapy

Whether you are making your way to the Mile High 420 Festival or simply making plans for your own Happy 420, we hope to see you at Breckenridge Organic Therapy. We’ll have the best 4/20 sales on your favorite flower and cannabis products on the menu. Be sure to keep an eye on the menu and Deals page for alerts about what you can find for a good price in celebration of our favorite day of the year.

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