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Breckenridge Organic Therapy has been serving the medical and recreational needs of cannabis users in Summit County since 2010. At BOT we provide the highest quality concentrates, edibles, and flower for our guests. In addition, our variety of CBD and topical remedies help provide an alternate means of relief for common ailments. Come see us, and our knowledgeable staff will walk you through the experience.

Our Story

Founders Adam and Spencer attended CU Boulder together where they discovered a shared passion for cannabis, and not just any cannabis— they loved high-quality cannabis. Certain they could make a superior product than what was currently being offered on the market, they decided to grow and legally sell their own. Tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit and putting in a lot of sweat equity, they created Bolder Cannabis and Extracts in 2009 based out of Boulder, Colorado. A year later in 2010 they expanded to Breckenridge and created Breckenridge Organic Therapy— the cannabis authority of Summit County that you know and love today!

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Our Mission

When it comes to growing top tier cannabis, every detail matters. The difference between growing ditch weed and creating award-winning strains are the time and effort put into each plant. We have learned when it comes to creating high-end cannabis, it is not just the little things that matter—every single thing matters. Every step matters. Every person matters.

The result of consistency is creating a brand that people know they can depend on to deliver the cleanest and purest products on the market. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that the mark of exceptional craftsmanship in this industry is a combination of precise science, artistry and deep passion.


Bolder Cannabis Extracts

We understand that the finest cannabis comes from a pedigreed lineage—which is why we are proud to be partnered with Bolder Cannabis & Extracts based out of Boulder, Colorado. BOT and Bolder C&E products are naturally sourced and tended by experts to ensure a high-quality product and brands that Cannasseurs immediately recognize. Taste the difference with Colorado’s all natural fine cannabis suppliers!

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