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As you’re out exploring all the things to do in Breckenridge, CO, you’re bound to work up an appetite. Beyond its pristine slopes, this charming Colorado town boasts a vibrant culinary scene that’s as diverse as the terrain itself. From cozy cafés and hearty mountain bistros to upscale dining establishments, Breckenridge offers a dining experience that can please even the pickiest patron. Check out our top picks for the best restaurants in Breckenridge below.

Check Out the 7 Best Breckenridge Restaurants

1. Coa Cantina

  • Where: 1900 Airport Rd.
  • Type of Food: Mexican
  • Must-Try on the Menu: Vegan Jackfruit Carnitas

Coa Cantina is a Colorado-based take on classic Mexican food and has quickly grown to be one of the most popular places to eat in Breckenridge. This inviting eatery is next door to our Breckenridge dispensary, making it a prime stopping point if you’re in the neighborhood. The Vegan Jackfruit Carnitas are out of this world, but you can take your pick of all kinds of creative taco concoctions. And Coa Cantina is kind of famous for its creative cocktails.

2. Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant

  • Where: 1925 Airport Rd.
  • Type of Food: American
  • Must-Try on the Menu: Breckenridge Distillery Double Smashburger

If you’re looking to try some of the best local brews along with some great food, the Breckenridge Distillery Restaurant is hands-down one of the best Breckenridge restaurants. The restaurant’s ambiance can only be described as relaxing with a slight mountain personality, and the menu changes according to the seasonal availability of ingredients. People love to pair the small plates with a selection of different beers, but if you want a full entree, be sure to nab the Breckenridge Distillery Double Smashburger with a side of Duck Fat Reds.

3. Fatty’s Pizzaria

  • Where: 106 Ridge St.
  • Type of Food: Pizza and Italian Cuisine
  • Must-Try on the Menu: Meat Lovers Pizza

If you’re in the mood for a slice of pizza pie or simply some melt-in-your-mouth fettuccine and garlic bread, be sure to head to Fatty’s Pizzeria. Fatty’s will fix you up with a fresh pizza any way you want it, but they also have a load of specialty pizzas on the menu like the Clam’s Casino and Chicken BBQ Ranch. A local favorite is the Meat Lover’s, which is piled high with Canadian bacon, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, capicola, and more.

4. Sanchos Tacos & Tequilas

  • Where: 500 South Main St.
  • Type of Food: Mexican
  • Must-Try on the Menu: The Whole Enchilada

Another awesome taco spot in downtown Breckenridge, Sanchos Tacos & Tequilas is a favorite spot to grab lunch on the south end. You’ll have your pick of street tacos, chips and salsa, and the best slushy margaritas you can ask for. People say The Whole Enchilada is something everyone should try at least once, and the best part is you can have your frosty beverage and tacos out on the patio in nice weather.

5. Flip Side Breckenridge

  • Where: 320 South Main St.
  • Type of Food: American
  • Must-Try on the Menu: Lilly’s Chicken Philly

The Flip Side is one of those burger and sandwich shops that has a little something to please everyone that’s lucky enough to stop in for a bite. This laid-back place has one of the best selections of specialty sandwiches, burgers, sides, and salads, including vegan options. If you want a true treat and don’t mind the meat, go for Lilly’s Chicken Philly—a chicken sandwich smothered in mushrooms, green peppers, onions, and provolone.

6. South Ridge Seafood Grill

  • Where: 500 South Main St.
  • Type of Food: Seafood
  • Must-Try on the Menu: Crispy Shrimp Lettuce Wraps

One of the few seafood restaurants in Summit County, South Ridge Seafood Grill serves up fresh seafood on the daily in one of the most elegant atmospheres in Breck. If your idea of Breckenridge’s best restaurants includes foods like grilled calamari and gulf shrimp, this is definitely a good choice. The Crispy Shrimp Lettuce Wraps are rumored to be incredible at this eatery, but be sure to book your reservation in advance.

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