Best 420 Rituals for 2019

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Top 420 Rituals

Unlike any other traditional holiday or celebration, 420 is the only day of the year that likeminded Cannasseurs get the chance to stand stoned in solidarity— professing our love and devotion to the doobie. We think it is imperative for our readers that are wanting to take full advantage of the festivities to go into it with a solid plan of attack.

There are elite members of stoned socialites that make their 420 plans since last year’s revelries, so thinking you can fall out of bed on what some are now dubbing Cannamas—you would be right! Here at Breckenridge Organic Therapy, we believe both our procrastinators and go-getters can have an eventful 420 holiday. 

No matter what type of stoner you are—here are some fun rituals to help you get the party started! 

The wake ‘n’ bake is a classic 420 activity and tops our list of 420 activities.

1. Wake & Bake

We know it is common for most enthusiast to begin their day with a good ole fashioned wake and bake, but in honor of the holiday, we feel it could be taken up a notch to guarantee you hit the ground running to get in the mindset for the party that awaits. All you have to do is kick back, relax, and blaze copious amounts of high-powered flower, and you’re good to go! There is only one potential problem: if you didn’t have the foresight to take a vacation day or call in sick—you may want to think about skipping this step altogether. 

People having lunch

2. Satisfy Munchies with a Lunchie

Once you’ve had your fill of gallivanting around the house in just your chonies, it is time to get dressed and face the world. We get that this in of itself can be a challenge—you have everything at your disposal—so there is no need to leave, right? Wrong. All your friends that called in to work to celebrate the day will also likely have a mean case of the munchies that will need to be addressed. 

We would never encourage driving under the influence of any substance—which is why we love Uber and Lyft. They’re business is transporting the less than sober to their destinations that is incredibly simple to pull off, so if it becomes too tricky, don’t overanalyze it. You’re just high. 

3. Stocking Up

Now it’s time to whip out your phone again, summon your Uber driver, and have them take you to the closest and most highly rated dispensary to stock up on party favors, edibles and any other supplies you’ll need to get you through the day. After all, your main goal is to get so blitzed you’ll have stories to brag about until next season. That is if you can remember them…

A cannabis friendly lounge painted in green and with comfortable couches.

4. Head to a 420-Friendly Living Room or Event

You’ve just realized half the day has been burned away hanging out in your skivvy’s, being a glutton, and waiting on Uber drivers—and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Time flies when you’re high. But it will only be a matter of time before 420 comes rolling around the corner, and you haven’t even gotten around to scoping out the scene. This is the time of day that gets really interesting—it’s the time of day when everyone is on the hunt for something fun to do with likeminded Cannasseurs. 

We are big supporters of following your nose, and that concept definitely applies here. For a comprehensive list of exciting events on or near the big day—check out our official 2019 420 Event Guide! There are several happenings dedicated to the 420 Cannamas holiday in legal states. All you have to do is follow your nose and keep your eyes peeled for plumes of smoke, and you’ll know you’re heading the right direction. 

As your responsible cannabis provider, we wanted to remind everyone to get along and abide by the law. Especially when you take into consideration that anyone who gets busted will be stuck in jail until 4/22. Judges are off on weekends. So play nice!

After Parties

If you have the ability to stand by the time the sun sets, you’re officially a 420 champ! At this juncture in your evening when THC levels have reached Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg proportions, you’re pretty much willing to go down with the ship at this point. It’s thanks to heavy hitters like you that 420 after parties even exist, so embrace it! Most major events will “weed out” the veterans from the newbies, so you can rest assured that it will be easy to find a gathering place for more rounds of Mary Jane and munchies to partake in until you’ve officially had your fill.  

Tell us what your 420 plans are below!

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