420 Events in Colorado 2019 Guide


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2019 Colorado 420 Event Guide

As the first state in the nation to fully legalize marijuana, you can bet there will be a ton of fun and festive attractions taking place over the 4/20 weekend— and we are honored to be your guide.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best 420 friendly concerts, nightlife, and other happenings for you to sink your teeth into this year—so keep reading!

Our iconic and world renowned theater, Red Rocks, is hosting Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube on April 18th!

1. Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube 

Red Rocks Amphitheater has blessed us with a heady night of celebratory music provided by some of the world’s most well-known 420 aficionados— Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube! Like Santa at Christmas time, 420 doesn’t officially begin until Snoop has arrived, so be sure to check it out! 

Festivities will be held Thursday, April 18th beginning at 7pm. And yes, this is a consumption event that is 21+ and up, so make sure you bring a valid ID and plan a safe ride home. 

For more information & tickets check out: https://www.coloradopotguide.com/what-to-do/marijuana-events/event/2019-04-18/snoop-dogg-x-ice-cub-red-rocks/

2. Cannival- Elevated Music Fest:

This three-day camping festival celebrates the legalization of marijuana with live music, art, and other fun activities including yoga, wellness coaching, a 4.20k race, and a 420 Olympix competition for fastest joint roller, biggest bong rip, and most creative smoke rings! 

The Cannival celebration begins Friday, April 19 @ 12:00pm and wraps up Sunday, April 21st @ 6:00pm. 

For more information and tickets visit https://www.cannival.net/live

3. 4th Annual 420 Weekend ExtravaGanja

Studio 420 is hosting its 4th annual 420 ExtravaGanja featuring musical guest Lil Flip where you can celebrate and enjoy your favorite strains with other like-minded Cannasseurs in the city! 

This two-day Extrava-Ganja commences Friday, April 19th @ 1:00pm and goes on until Sunday April 21st @ 11:55pm. 

Prices start at $50 for their basic entry pass, $100 for a VIP pass, and $300 for a 3-day pass. 

For more information check out their website or the Facebook event page:

4. Baked: 4/20 Colorado Takeover 

Take the perfect opportunity to celebrate 420 in style and experience the 4 fun takeover events they have planned! Featuring a Puff, Pass, and Paint Class, Cooking with Cannabis Class, a Cannabis Infused Dinner Party, and an LGBT Takeover Party—there is something fun for everyone! 

Takeover begins Friday April 19th @ 3pm and lasts until Monday, April 22nd @ 11:00am. 

For more information and venue location, visit their event page

5. 311 x Method Man & Redman

Red Rocks Amphitheatre comes through again! Hosting the 311, Method Man& Redman concert on Friday, April 19th @ 6:30pm gives us the chance to get down with some good music, bud, and a scenery for the 420-holiday weekend! 

For more information and tickets, visit their official site.

6. Shakedown Street @ Boulder Theater

The Boulder Theater is playing host to Shakedown Street—one of the longest running Grateful Dead tribute bands in the world! So, if you happen to be both a Dead Head and a Cannasseur, what more could you ask for? 

Show starts @ 7:30pm Friday, April 19th at 2032 14th St
Boulder, CO 80302. Tickets are free until 9pm, and since this is a 21+ event— make sure to have your ID handy!

For more information and tickets, check out their official event page.

7. Method Man & Redman 

They say lightning never strikes in the same place twice, but we beg to differ. Method Man & Redman hit up the Denver 420 scene twice this year. Join them for their second performance Saturday April 20th @ 8pm Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom downtown and start the 420 weekend off right! 

Get tickets and details here!

8. 3rd Annual Mile HIGH Burlesque Fest

The Oriental Theater invites you to join them for the 3rd Annual Mile High Burlesque Festival! This 2-night event will feature sexy 420 themed performances and fun competitions—including the battle for the title of “Most High”. 

Festival kicks off Friday April 19th @ 8pm-11:45pm 4335 W 44th Ave Denver, CO 80212. 

Visit here for more information about performances and tickets.

9. The Mile High 4.20K 

This event is perfect for our active philanthropists! Raise awareness about cannabis and promote healthy living while giving back to the community. 

Race starts Saturday April 20th @ 8am at Sloans Lake Park: 1700 N Sheridan Blvd Denver, CO 80212 

Please note that this is a non-consumption event, so make sure you leave your bud at home for this one! 

Registration details and more.

10. Colorado SoCo 420 Festival #SEVL 

One of Colorado’s longest running 420 celebrations is back and being held at the Speakeasy Vape Lounge & Cannabis Club Dab Bar from Thursday April 18th until Saturday April 20th.  We love that this venue is a fully licensed cannabis consumption club, so bring all your bud and get ready to toke some sticky icky. 

 Live performances from Devin the Dude, Potluck, Afroman, and Lil Flip will also be featured throughout the weekend—so make sure not to miss out! 

Tickets and info.

12. CannaVenture Hike

420 is the perfect weekend to get out and enjoy the beauty of Colorado! Join CannaVenture on Sunday, April 21st at El Dorado State Park for a scenic hike along the 3.4-mile Rattlesnake Gulch Trail—located about 40-50 minutes from downtown Denver. 

Venture begins at 2pm! Visit here more information.

Disclaimer: Since this event is held on public land, consumption during the hike is not endorsed by CannaVenture or any of its affiliates. Instead, they recommended smoking before or after the hike. This is a “consume at your own risk” outing, so if you don’t consider yourself to be the most coordinated or athletic person in the world, you may want to consider waiting to smoke all together until after the hike. 

420 Friendly Lodging

For those of you who will be visiting Denver to partake in the 420 festivities and will be needing lodging, check out some of the resources listed below! 


This was the best resource I found that listed the top 420 friendly hotels by name, but you may want to double check and ask before booking just to be safe. Read the article by Trivago.

Colorado Cannabis Tours

For those of you who will be visiting Denver to partake in the 420 festivities and will be needing lodging, check out www.coloradocannabistours.com for a list of hotels. 

Note: They do not list the name of the hotel until after you book in order to help protect their identity. 


Another great resource to find a cannabis friendly place to lay your head down at night is Airbnb; just make sure the place you book is listed as 420 friendly on the Airbnb website. 


Final Hit

Our family here at Breckenridge Organic Therapy is proud to be part of the cannabis movement, and your supplier for the 420 holidays. We value our customers and readers, and we hope you found this guide helpful for planning a fun, safe, and festive weekend!

To learn about the history of 420, and why we celebrate it—check out the video from Behind The Meme below! 

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