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While the depths of the winter ski season may be drawing to a close, the ski season isn’t quite over yet in Breckenridge! Spring can be one of the best times of the year for skiing because the temps aren’t quite as brutal and there can be sunny days on the snow.

Mother Nature, of course, has the final say on just how long we get to enjoy the slopes beyond April, but there’s usually plenty in store. Take a look at what to expect at Breck and Arapahoe Basin this spring.

Spring Skiing in Breckenridge, CO

While a lot of other ski areas close in the surrounding areas, there are some high-altitude spots in and around Breck to get your last days of slope-side adventures in before warmer weather. Picture warm days, goggle tans, and occasional spring powder, which can be an irresistible combination for mountain enthusiasts.

Breckenridge Spring Skiing

Spring is still a hot spot for skiers and snow-seekers at Breckenridge. With a base elevation of 9,600 feet above sea level, Breck offers an extended ski season that often stretches into May, so it is well known for providing some of the best spring skiing in CO. The slopes come alive with spectacular spring snow conditions, making it one of the longest-running ski seasons among major resorts.

Starting in late April, intermediate, advanced, and expert skiers love Breck. While other resorts close, Breck provides access to signature high alpine terrain across Peaks 6, 7, and 8. Keep in mind that late spring operations tend to cater more to intermediate-and-above-level skiers.

Skiing in Breckenridge CO

Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin) Spring Skiing

As the snow-capped peaks of the Rocky Mountains begin to thaw, Arapahoe Basin is still very much a sanctuary for ski enthusiasts. Its extended season defies convention, keeping the slopes alive well into June most years and even astonishingly into July on rare occasions.

A-Basin boasts North America’s highest elevation at the peaks hitting over 13,000 feet, and the most challenging terrain. For example, the Steep Gullies area is only for experts because of its challenging slopes. However, the place is a spring paradise for more advanced skiers because overseers keep crowds at bay.

A quick tip: If you’re planning to head to the A-Basin for some spring skiing, be sure to catch the live-updated trail reports to plan your trip according to snow coverage.

Stop by Breckenridge Organic Therapy On Your Spring Ski Adventures

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