Slopes & Smoke: Exploring the Relationship Between Cannabis & Skiing & Snowboarding

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Winter sports enthusiasts have long found solace on the slopes, and for many skiers and snowboarders, the connection goes beyond the thrill of the ride. There’s actually a dynamic relationship between cannabis and skiing or snowboarding. From the best products to enhance your slope-side experience to the intertwined history that has shaped this unique subculture, get all the details in this cannabis guide for skiing and snowboarding.

Elevate Your Ride: The Best Cannabis Products for Skiing & Snowboarding

1. Try Pre-Rolls for a Peak Experience

When hitting the slopes, convenience is key, so pre-rolls are always a good option when it comes to the best cannabis products for snowboarding or skiing. Binske’s 1g pre-rolls or pre-roll packs, which are available in both standard flower and rosin-infused flower, are definitely a go-to. These pre-rolls provide a simple, ready-to-smoke solution for an elevated experience on the mountain.

What strains go well with skiing and snowboarding plans? Whether you’re looking for the best weed strains for skiing or the best weed strains for snowboarding, it really depends on your overall goal and even your skill level on the slopes. Any good cannabis guide for snowboarding or skiing will tell you it’s important to be safe on the slopes. Therefore, go for strains with potency levels that keep you alert and comfortable. Or, simply be conservative about how much you smoke and what you try to accomplish post-cannabis.

2. Find Post-Slope Recovery with Therapeutic Products

After a day of shredding, wind down and soothe sore muscles with Mary’s Medicinals therapeutic topicals. Mary’s makes everything from cannabinoid-based transdermal patches and salves made with major and minor cannabinoids to a topical muscle freeze that works wonders for sore muscles. These infused topical products can be amazing for injuries, promoting physical relaxation, and decreasing recovery time. This is always important, so you can bounce back and get back to the mountains for another day of adventure.

3. Chill and Socialize with Après Ski Edible Indulgence

The phrase “après-ski” literally means “after skiing.” This is the time when the lifts shut down, the skis come off, and the fellow slope-skippers make their way down the mountain to talk about the air they caught, the brutality of the gnarly drifts, and everything else. So there’s no better time to slip in some good cannabis. The perfect way to enhance the occasion? You may want to unwind by the fireplace or in the hot tub with Coda Chocolates or WYLD Gummies. These treats are perfect on a snowy night while getting philosophical about life and enjoying good company.

Bonus tip: For an extra touch of indulgence, try adding Coda chocolates to your hot chocolate or afternoon coffee. A square of Coda Coffee and Doughnuts or Sea Salt & Toffee goes incredibly well with either one!

The Hazy History of Cannabis and Snowboarding

The history of cannabis and snowboarding is a tale woven with counter-culture, rebellious spirit, and evolving perspectives. While much of cannabis and snowboarding’s past has been hazy due to cannabis’s non-legal status, the Winter Olympics in 1998 marked a pivotal moment. Ross Rebagliati won the men’s giant slalom and subsequently had his medal stripped due to a positive marijuana test.

The incident, which was followed by the reinstatement of his medal soon after, but also led to his stepping away from snowboarding in 1999, is a prime example of how cannabis was perceived back in the day. However, today, Rebagliati has launched his own cannabis company, and snowboarders are more open about the role of cannabis in the culture. Without question, this reflects the changing views on cannabis and parallels the mainstream acceptance that snowboarding has gained over the years.

“Smoke Shacks” and “Secret Spots” on the Slopes

A true sign of just how entwined the relationship between cannabis and snow sports may be is the existence of “smoke shacks” and “secret spots” on the mountain. These areas are specifically for stepping off the beaten path and enjoying a toke or two in private. While on the slopes, skiers and snowboarders often seek out terrain lined with trees or secluded smoke shacks created by other skiers and snowboarders. These little spots are covert shelters that only a handful of people know about, but they’re perfect for lighting up and taking a second to rest and reflect.

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Whether you’re looking for a good pre-roll to carry with you to the slopes or simply want therapeutic products and socially enhancing picks for après-ski gatherings, we’ve got you covered at Breckenridge Organic Therapy. Be sure to take a look at our menu to track down the best cannabis products for snowboarding and skiing.

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