Differences Between Making and Buying Flower and Concentrate Edibles

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Homemade vs. Store-Bought Edibles

Marijuana and CBD edibles are incredibly popular and for good reason! They’re discreet, delicious, and are a much healthier option compared to vaping or smoking. In the wake of numerous states repealing outdated and passing pro-cannabis legislation, more businesses than ever can legally sell both THC and CBD-infused edibles. Today, you can find virtually any type of food or entrée that is laced with a little green goodness, and they can be made using either your choice of cannabis flower or concentrate. 

However, the big question looming inside the minds of most new cannabis consumers remains: Should I make my own edibles or buy them? And what are the differences between flower and concentrate edibles? 

Each method comes with its advantages and disadvantages, which we will unpack in a minute. First, we’ll need to look at the pros and cons of each — then we’ll be better able to determine which option best fits your needs.

Making edibles can be enjoyable and fun.

Making Edibles

For starters, making your own flower or concentrate edibles is appealing for several reasons: firstly, it’s more affordable upfront than buying them. Taking the recent coronavirus pandemic into consideration, this alone could be what seals the deal for you. All you need is a high-quality weed or cannabis strain, some basic cooking equipment, and a few ingredients. This brings us to the second major advantage of making your own edibles: how versatile they are.  

In essence, the possibilities in terms of what products you can use and make are truly endless. In fact, a new edible called “THC nerd ropes” has emerged on the scene — which is made using Nerd® candy, gummy bears, and THC extract. You can learn how to make THC nerd ropes, or you can buy them, however, be aware that it is illegal for companies to use the Nerd® name and logo on their products. That being said, making your own edibles, whether you’re using flower or concentrates, will give you more freedom and control about how much and what ingredients you use. The most important distinction to takeaway between edibles made from bud and edibles made from concentrate is the potency. This is because bud typically contains between 10-25% THC — whereas concentrates and extracts contain between 50-90% THC. So, if you’re wanting to make potent edibles yourself, your best bet is using a concentrate, but if you’re looking for something milder, then the obvious choice is flower. 

On another note, the process of decarboxylation or “activation” of a concentrate to make hash edibles makes it very easy to add into any dish, it’s easier to control in terms of wastage compared to using bud to make cannabutter, and it’s a quicker and less messy of a process.  

Another perk with homemade edibles is that they can be created in a fairly simple manner by infusing your plant or extract into butter or olive oil — that can then be added into nearly any dish to suit any palate. One big downside to making your own edibles at home is dosing. It is much harder to get an accurate dose on an at-home edible than it would be if you took a pre-measured one via a dispensary-bought edible. Most DIY edibles aren’t made using the proper equipment that accurately measures and creates serving sizes. Unfortunately, this results in most homemade edibles coming out too weak or too heavily infused with THC to the point that the product doesn’t give the user the high they were looking for. 

Unless you have access to a lab, it’s really not possible to be able to make consistent or precise measurements; the best you can do is make an educated guess and hope for the best.

Store-bought edibles can be expertly crafted and provide a consistent experience. Photo by Jeff W

Buying Edibles

Consumers who prefer binging on store-bought edibles have an unlimited amount of options to choose from. Unlike making your own edibles, these expertly crafted confections adhere to the rigid quality control standards that mandate all products must be made inside a sanitary environment. Additionally, other standards are implemented to guarantee each and every edible contains an exact and consistent dose of cannabinoids from batch to batch. Dispensary edibles are tested for contaminants like heavy metals, mold, and even arsenic — which are commonly found in fish-based fertilizers. In a nutshell, you can depend on dispensary edibles to be safe and reliable. 

Another clear advantage is the sheer breadth of different products available on the market; the limited choice of either pot brownies or cookies is long gone. Here at Breckenridge Organic Therapy, we have over 55 different types of flower and concentrate edibles including a range of delicious hand-crafted Wyld gummies that are infused with real fruit and other natural ingredients, and several flavors and potencies of Coda Signature chocolates. Both Wyld and Coda Signature use premium ingredients for their edibles and Coda Signature employs organic chemists and classical french training to craft their candies. Partnering with reputable businesses that have the expertise to make edibles that are not only delicious but properly dosed gives us peace of mind recommending and selling their products to our customers. 

Taking this into consideration, there are shoddy companies out there that do exist because certain states have failed to enact any mandatory regulations that guarantee the safety of the consumer. Be sure to do your homework regarding doing business with reputable dispensaries and producers that know how to create a safe and high-quality product. Having said that, when buying flower and concentrate edibles (just like when you make your own) —  the edible made from THC concentrate or extract will be significantly stronger than ones made from bud. Aside from being easier to make and the potency, there shouldn’t be much difference between flower-made and concentrate-made edibles unless the extract you used has added terpenes, which would enhance the natural cannabis flavor.

Having said that, when buying flower and concentrate edibles (just like when you make your own) —  the edible made from THC concentrate or extract will be significantly stronger than ones made from bud. Aside from being easier to make and the potency, there shouldn’t be much difference between flower-made and concentrate-made edibles unless the extract you used has added terpenes, which would enhance the natural cannabis flavor. 

Concentrates will always be more potent when used in creating home-made and store bought edibles.

Final Hit 

It’s truly astounding how rapidly the market for cannabis edibles has taken off over the past several years; both marijuana dispensaries and CBD retailers have a large variety of edible cannabinoid delicacies including baked goods, popcorn, chocolate bars, butter, cooking oils, mints, gummies, and beverages to name a few.  

THC and CBD infused gummies are the most popular cannabis edibles.

Heck, if your dog or cat is suffering from inflammation or anxiety — there are CBD edibles for that now. But, as a side note: when it comes to animals, they should only have CBD without any (or less than 0.3%) THC as it’s toxic to most pets. Not only that but unlike humans, animals don’t need THC in order to absorb CBD.  We also recommend sticking to a store-bought CBD oil that is independently tested by a third-party lab to ensure safety and potency. Ideally, purchasing CBD or THC edibles from a reputable company or dispensary will always be consistent in regards to cannabinoid content and quality because they’re so meticulously tested and are certified to meet quality and safety standards. 

Remember, the keyword here is “reputable”. Since cannabis regulations vary from state to state, shoddy businesses will always be trying to take advantage of lax policies in order to cash in. Unfortunately, the quality and effectiveness of the products are what suffer the most, so doing your research beforehand will not only ensure your safety but save you money. 

At the end of the day, whether you opt for making or buying your flower and concentrate edibles — the most important thing to remember is it can take up to two hours for the effects from edibles to kick in. Always start low and go slow, and always refrain from driving or operating heavy machinery if you’re consuming edibles. If you can manage to follow these rules, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a tasty, happy, and safe experience!

Breckenridge Organic Therapy carries a variety of cannabis edibles that are naturally sourced, expertly crafted and high quality. Feel free to stop by or contact us with any questions regarding cannabis edibles and we will be happy to help!

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