The Best Weed Strains in Breckenridge, Colorado

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Nestled amid the stunning Rocky Mountains, Breckenridge, Colorado is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, outdoor recreational opportunities, and vibrant culture. However, the thriving cannabis scene means you can also find some of the best weed in Breckenridge.

From flavor-laden craft strains with exceptional terpene profiles to classic strains that we all know and love, the weed in Breck is a thing of beauty. Take a look at the top cultivators to look for and the best weed strains in Breckenridge below.

What Brands Offer the Best Weed in Colorado?

Colorado is home to so many excellent cultivators that have honed their cannabis-growing efforts so perfectly and precisely that it’s easy to appreciate any flower that bears the brand name. Nevertheless, there are a few names that always stand out among the rest. A few brands we’re proud to partner with in Colorado include:

The Best Weed Strains in Breckenridge, CO

1. Banana Punch

  • Genetics: Banana OG x Purple Punch
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Sweet tropical tree fruit
  • Type: Hybrid

Banana Punch is a true favorite when it comes to the best strains in Colorado. This flavorful, well-balanced hybrid strain packs a milder punch when it comes to potency, but delivers a noteworthy mellow high that’s oh-so-easy to appreciate. The fragrant fresh banana and tropical fruit aromatics and sweet flavor really push this strain up the ranks. However, the effects make Banana Punch a real star with its giggly, talkative buzz that works perfectly when you need to unwind.

2. Mac and Cheese

  • Genetics: Alien Cheese x The Mac
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Cheese and butter
  • Type: Hybrid

Cheesy strains don’t always get the attention they deserve because their flavor profiles can be so funky. However, if you want a cheese-tinged strain done right, be sure to look for Mac & Cheese. Mac & Cheese brings out the best when it comes to cheese flavor. You get this telltale note of funk, but it’s softened with creamy butter. The overall effects are just as soothing as the comfort food itself with a tendency to leave you feeling a little warm and fuzzy, sleepy, and wholly relaxed.

3. Cherry Diesel

  • Genetics: Turbo Diesel x Cherry OG
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Cherries, diesel, and earth
  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid

Cherry Diesel serves up a trifecta of attributes to appreciate. The strain is just potent enough, the flavor is incredibly sweet, and the effects lean into more talkative and aroused than slow and sleepy. If you prefer a more uplifting strain that puts you in a motivated headspace where focus comes easily, Cherry Diesel is a stellar choice. Further, this flower is said to work impressively well with stress and anxiety.

4. Gelato Cake

  • Genetics: Wedding Cake x Gelato #33
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Berries, butter, and vanilla
  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid

A low-and-easy strain with a flavor that can only be described as dessert-worthy, Gelato Cake was slated to be a prize-winner with its popular parents. Gelato Cake tastes like the sweetest, creamiest cake you can put in your mouth with a hint of tart berries on the back end. However, the real pleasure is in the overall blissed-out effects. You’ll feel relaxed and sleepy with the mentality that there is nothing wrong in your world.

5. Pink Lemonade

  • Genetics: Purple Kush x Lemon Skunk
  • Top Flavors/Aromatics: Citrus and floral notes
  • Type: Hybrid

Just as you would expect to experience from a glass of pink lemonade on a hot day, the Pink Lemonade weed strain is refreshing and soothing. With a mix of citrus flavors like lemon and grapefruit and a sweetness that’s hard to miss, Pink Lemonade cannabis flower is always a treat. The effects are just as easy to love. Most people say this flower works great for depression because it picks up your mind and leaves you feeling slightly energetic and creative.

Cannabis Flower FAQS

What are the different types of cannabis available at Breckenridge Organic Therapy?

The cannabis plant comes in two basic strains, known as indica and sativa. The combination of the two strains is known as hybrid. Both indica and sativa have different levels of THC and CBD, and produce varying effects when consumed. The sativa strain’s leaf is long, thin and a light color. The indica leaf is broad, wider and a dark color. Because the strains produce different effects, you want to take time to test which works best for your needs.

What effects do different cannabis strains have when smoked?

The sativa strain typically is considered to be a more uplifting, creative and conscious-elevating effect when smoked, often inspiring and expanding thought and ideas. Sativas are considered ideal for creative experiences, social gatherings or as something to enhance everyday experiences, like walking or enjoying a movie.

The indica strain is considered more calming, sedating and medicinal. The effect can produce relaxation and often is used to improve sleep because of the strain’s more calming and chilling effect in both mind and body.

Shop for the Best Weed in Breckenridge at Breckenridge Organic Therapy

When you want all the best weed in Colorado, Breckenridge is the place to be. And you can always count on Breckenridge Organic Therapy to provide a menu of only the top strains in the area. Ready to take a look at our collection and find your faves? Take a look at our online menu where you can order in advance for quick pick-up when you arrive.

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