Best Vape Carts in Breckenridge, Colorado  

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Looking for the best vape carts in Colorado? Without question, Breckenridge is the place to be. With big names like Natty Rems, Eureka, and HRVST Labs within the state, you can get your hands on some of the finest cannabis vapes and carts in the country. Check out our collection of some of the top disposables and best vape carts in Breckenridge below.

Best Vape Carts in Breckenridge

1. Grape Kush Live Resin Vape Pen

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Blueberry family
  • Top Flavor Notes: Herbal, berries, and citrus

Fruity and sweet with just a hint of sourness, the Grape Kush live resin vape pen from HRVST Labs is a true winner every time. This hybrid strain delivers a stable balance of euphoria and physical relaxation. Therefore, it works out well for an end-of-day strain. However, Grape Kush is also one of the best vape pens in Colorado if you’re looking to step into a creative mind space.

2. Cake Crasher Rosin Cart

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Wedding Cake x Wedding Crasher
  • Top Flavor Notes: Tea, vanilla, and chemicals

The Cake Crasher cart from 710 Labs is one of those all-around good-time strains that is always a top pick on the menu. While not overwhelmingly potent, Cake Crasher carries quite the punch, oftentimes leaving users feeling settled in a place of euphoric bliss. The sweet, rich flavor is reminiscent of Wedding Cake with a dash of happy humulene for more spice than usual.

3. Animal Mints Live Resin Cart

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Animal Cookies x SinMint Cookies
  • Top Flavor Notes: Mint and sweet apple

Animal Mints is an all-time favorite in the world of cannabis strains, and the live rain cart is just as easy to become infatuated with. Animal Mints has this interesting combination of flavors that cools the taste buds and then sprinkles on a layer of apple-tinged sweetness. The effects can only be described as a pick-me-up—this is an excellent cart for stress or when you need to just chill for the evening.

4. Banana Punch Rosin Cart

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Purple Punch x Banana OG
  • Top Flavor Notes: Pineapple, bananas, and honey

Tropical-flavored strains always make some of the best THC carts in Colorado, and we adore the Banana Punch rosin cart from Natty Rems. This vape will leave you feeling all tingly and relaxed from head to toe, but the giggly uplift is perhaps one of the most alluring effects. Banana Punch settles in slowly and then hits hard to give it a telltale “creeper” reputation.

5. Verry Berry Disposable Vape Cart

  • Type: Sativa
  • Genetics: Super Silver Haze and Strawberry Cough
  • Top Flavor Notes: Berries, strawberries, and sweetness

Beloved for its ability to deliver profound energy and focus, the Very Berry disposable from Eureka is one of the best disposable vape pens in Colorado. Very Berry tastes much as you would expect the name to imply: like sweet, sun-ripened berries. And this vape is the go-to choice for those that prefer cannabis vapes that keep them moving on a day that demands them to stay focused.

6. Skywalker OG Disposable

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Blueberry OG x Mazar
  • Top Flavor Notes: Pine, diesel, and spice

Forcefully potent and utterly sleep-inducing, the Skywalker OG disposable is a must-have if you like vaping cannabis to help with sleep. This highly revered strain is known among the masses for its ability to settle the mind and leave you ready to slip into a restful slumber. The flavor notes of this vape are just as poignant with its heavily spice-laden pine and diesel notes.

7. Valley Girlz Live Rosin Cart

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Genetics: Face Off OG and SFV OG
  • Top Flavor Notes: Lemon, herbs, and pine

If you are looking for a vape cart or the best vape pens in Breckenridge for socializing, look for the Valley Girlz option. This strain is known for leaving people happy, talkative, and thinking more creatively. So, it is an excellent choice when you’re hanging out with a group and don’t want to feel socially awkward.

Natty Rems Vape Cart

Vape Pens & Cartridge FAQs

Vapes provide an alternative way to consume cannabis by inhalation in order to obtain therapeutic or recreational effects. Vaping does not use a flame, but a battery that fuels convection and conduction heating that controls temperature to ensure cannabis doesn’t burn and produce smoke.

What are the different types of cannabis vapes available?

Among the variety of vaporizers that are used for cannabis are vape pens, which are the most popular option among users. Vape pens are discreet, potent and inexpensive. Vape cartridges are screwed into a battery base that powers the vaporizer, allowing for longer use than an all-in-one vape pen which is disposable after use. Vape carts are portable, just like a pen. Tabletop vaporizers are large and cannot be easily taken around. Most are convection vaporizers that create large amounts of vapor from a small amount of pot.

How are vapes different from cannabis joints or blunts?

The main difference between cannabis vapes and the use of joints or blunts is the way they are fired up. A joint or blunt is lit with a flame from a lighter or a match, while a vape is lit through vaporization that occurs at a lower temperature than combustion. The convection or combustion lighting mechanism in a vape is powered by a battery. Vapes also use cannabis oil, while joints or blunts use cannabis flower.

Where to buy vapes in Breckenridge, CO

You can buy cannabis vape pens and cartridges at our dispensary in Breckenridge, Colorado, as well as most other dispensaries in the state.

Find the Best Vape Carts in Colorado at Breckenridge Organic Therapy

Breckenridge Organic Therapy is known as the best place to buy vape pens in Colorado. We partner with the most trusted brands, have reasonable prices, and always have an excellent selection. Take the time to explore our menu where you can place an order ahead for quick pick-up when you arrive.

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