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This week we were lucky enough to get a chance to sit down and have a heart to heart with Jeff Leistad—the Senior Wholesale Executive for Verde Natural. He helps us hash out what it is that makes Verde stand out from the crowd and why living soil is important to high-quality cannabis.

Living soil contains thousands of microbes that consist of helpful bacteria that allow our plants to consume more nutrients from the soil.

Jeff Leistad

If you have never heard about the concept of living soil or solvent-free vape cartridges like me: keep reading and be prepared to have your mind blown! 

Soil, just like any other organism on the planet, requires the consumption of food and nutrients in order to function optimally. With that in mind, the old adage “we are what we eat” holds true for soil and plants as well—with Verde Natural leading the way. Living soil plant beds also contain mutually beneficial flora and fauna that help support healthy, natural marijuana plants free from pesticides and other chemicals.

We take the outside and bring it in. Everything is done by hand. Our plants are hand grown and are fed an organic diet that consists of nutrient dense foods the plants love like kelp, limestone, alfalfa meal, guano, and worm casings. This creates a stronger flavor profile that is free from chemicals and pesticides. 

Jeff Leistad
“Everything is done by hand” says Jeff Leistad.

Any Cannasseur worth their weed can tell you how much more palatable their smoking sessions are when you smoke fresh, high quality bud vs. schwag. Burning throats and coughing fits that could rival an 80-year old chain smoker isn’t fun, therapeutic or enjoyable—which are the reasons most people consume cannabis in the first place. 

We actually care about what we put into people’s bodies.

Jeff Leistad

When you buy non-organic meat and produce at the store, you take a gamble on it being riddled with pesticides, hormones, chemicals, mold, and other scary substances linked to a whole host of diseases and illnesses. The same goes for your weed. Cancer patients and other chronically ill individuals consume marijuana to help manage side effects, but if they are smoking toxic chemicals that are known to cause cancer— it totally defeats the purpose. 

This is why Verde made it their mission to create and educate the cannabis community about what weed should be.  

An image create by Verde that mentions how they use Living Soil, feed the plants an organic diet and take an artisan stance on all process surround cultivation.

It’s All About the Living Soil

So, what exactly is living soil and how is it different from regular soil? Our friend Jeff Leistad over at Verde Natural helped us to make sense of this ingenious growing method. 

Living soil contains thousands of microbes that consist of helpful bacteria that allow our plants to consume more nutrients from the soil. Hydroponically growing cannabis requires the plants to be force-fed, whereas living soil gives the plant the freedom to choose when and what to eat.

Jeff Leistad

Leistad also informed us that “encouraging plants to feed naturally actually increases the overall production of cannabinoids and terpenes.” Cannabinoids and terpenes are where all the medicine, flavor, and aroma are stored—so we can see how this growing method is essential if you want to produce superb quality smoke. 

Now keep in mind this does not mean you will have a stronger high because THC levels will be the same, but what it does mean is that what you are putting into your body is much cleaner, tastes better, and contains more cannabinoids. 

With that being said, Verde Natural has taken their growing method one step further. They also recycle their soil. How do you recycle soil you may ask? According to Leistad “instead of throwing away the soil after each harvest which is what most growers do, we keep the soil and re-use it. Harvesting usually depletes the soil of nutrients, which requires us to test the soil in order to determine what it is we need to add back in to keep the soil alive for our next harvest.” 

We love how this approach benefits both the planet and the plant by creating less waste and keeping those beneficial microbes alive to be used again and again. I like to compare this revolutionary growing method to that of a functional ecosystem; a community of organisms that interact as one cohesive unit that works to maintain homeostasis. Just the way nature intended. 

Take a look at some of the high quality cannabis Verde cultivates using the methods and processes described above.

A New Take on Vaping 

Verde Natural has also jumped on the concentrate and vaping band wagon. Their concentrate brand Dablogic also values the health and wellness of their consumers— which is why they made it their mission to find a way to create 100% natural and organic cannabis concentrates that are completely free from solvents. 

As with anything, hard work always pays off and we are happy to announce Dablogic has successfully created the first ever solvent-free vaping cartridges that require only three ingredients: Ice, water, and cannabis. This ancient technique requires “freezing bud within 30 minutes of harvesting that goes through another purification process called Live Sauce—which maximizes the overall quality and health benefits of the plant, while minimizing environmental impact at the same time.” 

What this amazing company essentially did was create a premium “living soil oil” that maximizes all the benefits of cannabis (terpenes, cannabinoids, trichomes, etc.) while eliminating the risks of absorbing harmful derivatives that are common among poorly sourced cannabis products. 

The Final Hit

After my talk with Jeff I understood just how much Verde believes in the healing power of organic cannabis as a medicine, and like most true Cannasseurs in this industry— I’m sure they must get a little miffed that shoddy growers make the same claims while harming their customers. As Jeff said, “we actually care about what we put into people’s bodies.” 

Good flower, good edibles, good tinctures, and good concentrates all begin with a good solid foundation: soil, living soil. It is abundantly clear that Verde and Dablogic have a deep respect for all forms of life, and that they truly care about the community it serves, the products they create, and the planet as a whole. We know here at Breckenridge Organic Therapy enjoy Verde’s products immensely. We even selected several cannabis strains from Verde to feature in our Best Strains of 2018 article a few weeks ago.

Breckenridge Organic Therapy proudly carries Verde Natural and Dablogic cannabis products in our store. Check out ALL of Verde’s and Dablogic products by visiting: http://www.verdenatural.com & http://dablogic.co  or visit one their flagship stores!

Don’t forget to watch the nice things our friends over at Civilized, Leafbuyer.com, and My 420 Tours had to say about Verde Natural in the videos below! 


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