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Heads up—7/10 is just ahead, and we’re gearing up to make sure you have access to the best Breckenridge 710 deals. Most people are well-versed in the celebratory events and good deals that take place on 4/20, but 7/10 is rapidly gaining traction as the second holiday for cannabis lovers. What does 710 friendly mean, and what will the 710 deals to watch for actually be? We’ve got all the details you’ll need to know below.

What Does 710 Mean?

Just as 420 stands for April 20th, 710 stands for July 20th. While 420 is all about celebrating cannabis in all of its forms, 710, by contrast, is wholly dedicated to a specific kind of cannabis product: cannabis concentrates. Therefore, the unofficial weed holiday is all about taking the time to appreciate all those highly potent, highly desirable oils and dabs that we know and love.

Why 710, you may ask. In true weed-lover fashion, 710 was picked because if you turn these numbers upside down, you get the word “oil.” The data in itself is significant, but some people say 7:10 pm is also the perfect time to sit down with your favorite dab-able concentrate and your dab rig. After all, these hard-hitting cannabis products are best consumed at the end of the day when you’re ready to kick back and unwind.

710 Deals You Can Expect to See at Our Dispensary

At Breckenridge Organic Therapy, we already have good deals on concentrates like our Mix and Match Shatter and Wax special. However, you can rest assured, when 710 rolls around, you’ll find even more impressive deals to get excited about on our menu. We’re making big plans to offer some incredible 710 deals that will make any dabber happy. Check out or 710 specials in Colorado below!

710 Deals in Breckenridge!

We partner with only the most sought-after concentrate brands in the state like 710 Labs, Chronic Creations, and Dablogic. And, we always have an impressive mix of budder, wax, rosin, resin, shatter, and oil. So whether you’re looking to celebrate 710 with a good Animal Face live rosin, a Sour Tangie rosin sauce, or otherwise, you can bet on finding some of these good concentrates on the menu at great prices.

Find the Best 710 Deals in Colorado at Breckenridge Organic Therapy

You could spend the first week of July searching for “710 deals near me,” or, you could save yourself some time and visit us at Breckenridge Organic Therapy. We’re making our list of the best 710 oil and top-brand concentrates to include in our deals for the day, and you won’t want to miss out! Be sure to keep an eye on our menu to find all the best 710 deals (and all other specials).

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