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710 Labs

710 Labs is a Los Angeles-based cannabis company with roots in Boulder, CO. 710 Labs is known for its small-batch, hand-trimmed, organic cannabis, and particularly its extract. In addition to its concentrates, live rosin and personal stash “Persy” sauce, 710 Labs’ offers a product lineup that continues to evolve. The company also makes a live resin vape pen, pre-rolled joints, hash rosin Gummi’s, and an RSO concentrate. The pioneering cannabis extract company started in a Boulder dispensary in 2009 and morphed into the first-of-its-kind extraction facility in 2012.

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710 Labs Reviews

710 Labs flower is always straight up beautiful.

Review via West Coast Weed Reviews

All and all, this was some great smelling gorgeous looking flower, and for the ticket I got it at I’d pick it up again in a heartbeat.

Review via West Coast Weed Reviews

710 Labs PODS are as clean as they can get.

Javier Guzman Review via Dab Connection

710 Labs:

Product Specs

The 710 Labs cannabis line includes:

  • Solventless Extracts
    • Water Hash, 1 g
    • Rosin, 1 g
    • Rosin Sap, 1 g
    • Persy Sauce, 1 g
  • Solvent Extracts
    • Sauce, 1 g
    • Badder, 1 g
    • Sugar, 1 g
  • Vape Cartridge, .5 g, 1 g
  • Flower, 3.5 g, 14 g
  • Pre-roll Joints, 1 g
  • Gummi
  • RSO, 1 g

710 Labs FAQs

What is different about 710 Labs products?

The award-winning 710 Labs selects the most flavorful, organic, natural, pesticide-free cannabis for its hands-on treatment. The small batch, hand-trimmed process used by the company to cultivate its cannabis sets it apart. As a result, 710 Labs acknowledges natural variations that occur with each batch and prices its product accordingly. Based on the quality of each batch, its yield and cultivar demand, 710 Labs prices its cannabis in one of four tiers. Tier 1 represents the very best and Tier 4 is the lowest, although it still meets the company’s high standards for quality of flavor, aroma and potency.

710 Labs is also known for its high quality exotic strains, hand selected from some of the best and most renowned breeders. This includes landrace single-origin seeds that the company says took decades to locate.

Where to Buy 710 Labs in CO

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710 Labs products are sold in dispensaries located in Colorado and in other states, including Breckinridge Organic Therapy.

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Breckenridge Organic Therapy has served cannabis users since 2010, providing the best concentrates, edibles and flower. Visit our dispensary to experience our selection of CBD oils, CBD products and topical remedies if you are seeking alternate means of relief for common ailments.

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