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HRVST Labs is a Colorado-based cannabis company that has specialized in the creation of recreational concentrates from the highest quality starting materials since 2018. HRVST Labs’ two founding extractors share more than 30 years of combined cannabis extraction experience, which informed the creation of their distinguished standards, The Extractor’s Standard. The company hires staff with experience from different markets and backgrounds in cultivation. This is important because they are expected to source and trim the best fresh frozen cannabis flower, which they select from the most respected gardens that are known to support production of the finest concentrates.

Reviews from Across the Web

HRVST Labs Reviews

It's solid. There's a lot of balanced flavor for a wax.

westdenverfadeaway Review via Reddit

I just grabbed a gram of some white strawberries badder . The Aroma is crazy and it taste just as good

its_a_lu- Review via Reddit

HRVST GMO live batter is some of the best concentrate I've had in Denver.

4props1camera Review via Reddit


Product Specs

The HRVST Labs cannabis line includes:

  • HRVST Shatter, 1 g 4 g
  • HRVST Wax, 1 g
  • HRVST Sugar Wax, 1 g
  • HRVST Live Diamonds, 1 g
  • HRVST Live Sugar, 1 g
  • HRVST Live Badder, 1 g
  • HRVST Pure/Blanc
  • HRVST Gold Label Wax, 1 g
  • HRVST Live Resin Cartridges. .5 g
  • HRVST CBN Sleep Cartridge, .5 g


What is different about HRVST Labs products?

HRVST Labs earned a reputation in the cannabis industry for its state of the art extraction process, which provides the highest quality concentrates to Colorado’s medical and recreational cannabis retailers. The company partners with the best cannabis gardens in Colorado to ensure the very best product, part of its commitment to quality that ensures users of its products a clean, high-terpene extract.

How are HRVST Labs cannabis products made?

After securing the highest quality cannabis from Colorado’s best gardens, HRVST Labs starts the hydrocarbon extraction process. This is done by using solvents such as Butane, Propane, and Heptane to separate cannabinoids like THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG, the smell and flavor compounds known as terpenes and flavonoids from the plant material. Then, the extract is “purged” of the residual solvents, producing a clean, terpene-rich product.

Where to Buy HRVST Labs in CO

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HRVST Labs products are sold in Colorado dispensaries, including Breckinridge Organic Therapy.

Buy HRVST Labs at Breckinridge Organic Therapy

Breckenridge Organic Therapy has served cannabis users since 2010 with the best concentrates, edibles and flower for its customers. Visit BOT to see the selection of CBD oils, CBD products and topical remedies if you are seeking alternate means of relief for common ailments. At BOT, our knowledgeable staff will help you with your cannabis journey, no matter where you are in the process.

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