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Green Dot Labs

Green Dot Labs is a Colorado-based cannabis company founded in 2014 by local Boulder husband and wife team, Alana and Dave Malone. The company is Colorado’s premier cannabis cultivation and extraction brand specializing in extracts. It is family owned and operated, committed to the idea that extracts are the purest expression of cannabis and are a true reflection of the plant’s vivid flavor profiles and incredible wellness benefits.

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Green Dot Labs Reviews

Holy Fuck. Literally, that's the name of the strain I got (per budtender's rec). But also my reaction. Tastes like the best dabs I've ever done. No cart I've tried comes close. I've smoked plenty of RG, Select Elite, Evolvd. Totally clean taste, no harshness at all (RG by comparison feels very harsh and terpey on inhale). And got me stoned beyond belief.

jochexum Review via Reddit

This is a great example of you get what you pay for. IMO, This is the pinnacle of cannabis extraction. 🙏 Thank you GD Dave.

guitarbassdrums Review via Reddit

Green Dot Labs:

Product Specs

Green Dot Labs Product Line

The Green Dot Labs cannabis line includes:

  • Black Label Live Badder: Emulsified essential oils of the whole, fresh-frozen cannabis plant
  • Black Label FSE™: Dabbable FSE (Full Spectrum Extract) features THCa crystals
  • Black Label Live Resin Cartridges™: Pure, flavor-packed live resin dabs
  • Black Label Live Resin Flavorpacks™: Two uncut, additive-free .5mL Black Label Live Resin Cartridges
  • Black Label Flower™: Wildly flavorful, distinctive terpene profile and exceptionally smooth smoke
  • Blue Label Live Rosin Cartridges: Ultra-premium artisan solventless
  • Blue Label Live Rosin Badder: Single source, strain specific with flavorful, potent cannabis varietals
  • Silver Label Extracts: Sourced using retired strains from the Black Label garden

Green Dot Labs FAQs

What is different about Green Dot Labs cannabis products?

Green Dot Labs Colorado is the first and longest-running regulated business anywhere to focus exclusively on cannabis extracts, with resin farmers fine-tuning their hydrocarbon extraction process to preserve the cannabis plant’s true profile. The process delivers distinctive, exotic terpenes and flavors not found anywhere else. Its signature Black Label line includes its Green Dot Labs cartridge, Green Dot Labs Battery and other premium extracts, from its Green Dot Labs pen instructions to its Green Dot Labs drops. Green Dot Lab strains make up the Black Label line, with the signature line of concentrates grown and extracted in-house, highlighting more than 150 rare and exclusive varietals. Black Label products feature the most exceptional genetics from Green Dot Labs’ ultra-premium flower.

Where to Buy Green Dot Labs in CO

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Green Dot Labs cannabis products are sold in dispensaries across various states, including Colorado’s Breckenridge Organic Therapy.

Buy Green Dot Labs Cannabis Products at Breckenridge Organic Therapy

Green Dot Labs is one of the many cannabis brands offered at Breckenridge Organic Therapy that promotes health and wellness through cannabis. Breckenridge Organic Therapy has served cannabis users in Colorado since 2010 with the best concentrates, edibles and flower, along with exceptional CBD oils, CBD products and topical remedies.

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