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Chronic Creations

Chronic Creations is a premium hydrocarbon extraction cannabis company based in Colorado, specializing in the production of concentrates for dispensaries in the state. The company uses lab grade clean butane and propane to extract the desired cannabinoids and terpenes for its cannabis products, while also removing harmful lipids and waxes. The company highlights its extraction process and its focus on producing pure, flavorful and powerful concentrates. Chronic Creations grows its cannabis in-house to control high quality and relies on the most trustworthy long-term industry partners.

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Cheeba Chews Reviews

Chronic creations is pretty solid when it comes to their wax - usually ends up like a whipped batter. They’re great on terp preservation and their stuff smells and tastes less BHO/PHO blasted than the majority of other ones I’ve tried.

Review via Reddit

My favorite to branch out to is Chronic Creations. Their pho is pretty good.

Review via Reddit

Chronic Creations:

Product Line

The Chronic Creations cannabis line of concentrates includes:

  • Wax: Known for offering high THC levels and good taste.
  • Live Resin: Made from frozen freshly harvested flower that is protected from heat, light, and other harmful factors to preserve level of terpenes
  • Shatter: Smooth and shiny with an amber appearance that offers crisp and clear taste and smooth smoke.
  • Budder: Clean lab-grade propane used to extract the cannabinoids and terpenes and the oil is fully purged until it takes on a cake-like consistency of budder.
  • Crumble: The same extraction process as budder, but the final step produces stable crumble.
  • Sauce: Another cannabis concentrate variation produced under the same extraction process.

Chronic Creations FAQs

What is different about Chronic Creations products?

Chronic Creations boasts state-of-the-art extraction equipment and a factory that is BHO and PHO certified. The company extracts oil and purges the residuals before it tests for butane, contaminants and potency in its process designed to produce the purest and strongest concentrate. Chronic Creations also provides clear labeling that empowers customers to choose their desired experience. Its Wax, Shatter and Live Resin products are made from source material that Chronic Creations grows in house and through its ongoing partnerships with industry leaders.

Where to Buy Chronic Creations in CO

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Chronic Creation products are sold exclusively in dispensaries located in Colorado, including Breckinridge Organic Therapy.

Buy Chronic Creations at Breckinridge Organic Therapy

Breckenridge Organic Therapy has served cannabis users since 2010, providing the best concentrates, edibles and flower and highlighting some of the state’s best cannabis producers. Our dispensary also proudy offers an impressive selection of CBD oils, CBD products and topical remedies for those seeking alternate relief for common conditions.

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