Things to do Before & After Consuming Cannabis

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What Not to do, and What to do After Consuming Cannabis

It’s apparent that for quite some time, cannabis has had the potential to make even the most menial and trivial tasks joyful and relaxing. That’s why we decided to take the initiative to aid you in your journey towards creating unforgettable moments (yes, unforgettable. Even with our terrible short-term memories). 

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Before Getting High:

There are some things in life that are just easier and safer to do while you’re clear headed and sober. Not that we judge or disapprove of doing any of these things after consuming cannabis (because we know everyone is affected differently), however, we would be dropping the ball if we told everyone they should get high before shredding gnarr or going for a hike. Both activities have the potential to be dangerous stone sober— so please whatever activities you decide to partake in— be cautious! 

Avoid consuming cannabis before high-contact sports. Safety is always number one.

1. Certain Sports: 

High intensity or full contact sports like football, basketball, wrestling, gymnastics or ice skating for instance, take a lot of mental and physical concentration that are better to participate in before consuming THC to prevent harming yourself or others.  

On the other hand, activities like disc golf, miniature golf, flying kites, or hula hooping are great options to play after consuming cannabis thanks to the low intensity and lack of contact these sports require. 

We also advise against consuming cannabis before intense exercises.

2. Intense Exercise

If you’re the more independent type that doesn’t care for rules and teams incorporated into your physical activities, then things like running, swimming, or biking are great options for you to get the blood flowing! Again, because these activities require concentration and have the potential to lead to serious injuries—or even death by drowning—we don’t recommend them while under the influence of marijuana. 

It’s easy to get lost in the wilderness when you aren’t paying attention. It best to have full-awareness when hiking through an area unknown to you.

3. Hiking:

Being outdoors and connecting with nature in of itself is very relaxing and therapeutic, however, it’s a helluva place to get lost. Hiking can be extremely dangerous if you’re not paying attention to where you’re going, not to mention the added threat of running into wildlife unprepared. 

One small mistake or misstep could get you lost, injured, or result in your death. This is the primary reason we will never recommend going for a hike after consuming cannabis. In fact, thousands of people go missing in our state and national parks every year without any formal investigation because the government doesn’t have a protocol for handling missing person cases on public land.

Snowboarding and skiing can have serious consequences if things go wrong. We do not recommend consuming cannabis before hitting the slopes. After is a different story!

4. Snowboarding/skiing:

Again, we love taking in the outdoors and runs on the slopes just as much as you do. However, this does not change the fact that snowboarding and skiing can have serious consequences if things go wrong. Whenever there is a potential for injury or death—we will always advise you to refrain from getting high before participating. 

A man smoking a joint with paint on his face
Smoking cannabis can be a very enjoyable experience if you plan for it!

After Getting High

Now the real fun starts! As exciting as snowboarding, hiking, and playing contact sports can be—nothing quite compares to enjoying our favorite activities while being blissfully high at the same time. If you’re anything like me or Jon Stewarts “enhancement smoker” character from the movie Half Baked—then you know EVERYTHING is better on weed. (As long as it’s safe.) 

Many yogis contend that being high while doing yoga helped them to develop deeper connections with their mind and body.

1. Light Exercise:

There are many types of exercises that can be enhanced after consuming cannabis. My absolute favorite is of course yoga, followed by nice long walks. In fact, many yogis contend that being high while doing yoga helped them to develop deeper connections with their mind and body. 

What we like the most is that both of these exercises are low intensity activities requiring patience and mental flexibility, and they both happen to be free from the risk of serious injury or death. 

2. Board games

Games like Scrabble, Clue, or Monopoly take on a whole new meaning with the aid of a little Mary Jane—just don’t get too caught up in the rules and winning. I think this is such a fun alternative to drinking games (without the hangover and aggression), just make sure to read or listen to the directions and you’ll be good to go! 

Cannabis can enhance the experience of Role playing games and make them very exciting!

3. Role Playing Games

No, not those type of “role-playing games”. Get your head out of the gutter. I’m referring to role playing games like the one that exploded onto the scene back in the mid 1970’s: Dungeons & Dragons. Exploring dank dungeons is almost as fun as enjoying dank reefer, and when you combine the two—get ready for double dankness! 

4. Video Games:

The age-old stereotype of potheads sitting around and playing video games all day is becoming a thing of the past thanks to cannabis and esports becoming mainstream. With that, more and more people are realizing the combination of couch co-op and couch lock is a match made in heaven.  While your reaction time may be slowed down, you can still play your first-person shooter games, however, I find being high pairs perfectly with open world exploration games like Witcher or Fallout.

5. Creative Projects:

When it comes time to sit and think about how you want to tackle creative projects like redecorating your living room, building a garden, or designing an app—it’s nice to have a joint in hand. Being stoned allows you to daydream and take the time to think about your ideas, which helps give a deeper insight to the task at hand. 

6. Writing

Weed can help writer’s block. I would know, I write for a living. When I’m unenthused or stuck, lighting up a bowl always helps because it helps slow me down to take an extra moment and think about what I’m trying to say. Also, smoking cannabis can help facilitate creativity in that it allows users to feel more comfortable brainstorming ideas!

Painting and creating art are excellent task to engage in while being high.

7. Art:

When you are under the influence of cannabis, art is much more enjoyable— period. For some, it slows down their thoughts to the point it helps them to simply appreciate the art vs. trying to define it. Furthermore, shifts in thinking and perspective happen when you’re high. This can also help influence artists to produce different types of art than they normally would.

8. Napping

Sometimes taking a nap is the only activity you can do after getting heavily medicated. Allowing yourself to drift into the blissful abyss that we call sleep is so good for every fiber of your being. However, if toking and napping is not the combination you’re looking for—then CBD products may be more up your alley! While CBD is amazing for insomnia, it does not make you “feel” sleepy. Instead, CBD relaxes your body and mind so it can naturally fall asleep again. 

Being high has the power to put you into a meditative state all on its own. Combining that withe meditation exercises can have proven effects.

9. Meditation:

This is an easy one. Being high has the power to put you into a meditative state all on its own. Our sense of time is usually altered when we’re under the influence of cannabis, and for most who enjoy that feeling, it can help make the process of meditation & relaxation so much easier. Essentially, it helps us forget or stop ruminating on all the chatter going on inside and outside of ourselves. 

10. Music:

Most cannabis enthusiasts agree that there is just something about listening to music when you’re high, and there is a scientifically valid reason for that. The portion of our brain that creates relationships between ideas becomes stimulated when we’re high, and when you couple that with music that is packed with patterns and metaphors— it can be very satisfying.

11. Movies

Watching movies alone or with friends is significantly enhanced thanks to the power of ganja. Even bad action movies and cheesy sci-fi can have an allure to them—becoming works of art or the funniest thing you have ever seen. 

Just make sure to pick out your movie beforehand…

12. Reading:

 This can be a tricky wicket but a rewarding one. Personally, I prefer perusing non-fiction books and articles that aren’t incredibly long reads because I find my attention span can’t keep up and it drags on. However, some tokers can completely lose themselves in a 5- inch-thick novel and a good bowl of weed, so do whatever feels enjoyable to you.  

13. Conversation:

We wanted to save the best for last. Nothing can compare to the ancient art of a good smoke circle conversation. The enthusiasm is real and the connections you make are real. Cannabis helps to draw dialogue between participants, and despite the likelihood that the conversation will get off track—it is still fun and incredibly therapeutic. 

Final Hit

We love to have fun, and we love that our readers love to have fun. All we ask is to please be vigilant in whatever exciting cannabis adventures you decide to go on!

Please feel free to share some of your favorite activities by commenting below, and for more stoned activity ideas—check out our featured video from the 420ScienceClub!

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