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Fresh Live Resin after the flash freezing extraction process.
Fresh Live Resin after the flash freezing extraction process.

Relatively new to the concentrate scene, live resin is quickly becoming a favorite among the cannabis connoisseur community—so what exactly is it, and what makes it so special?

As with anything, advancements in technology play a huge role in the evolution of cannabis cultivation, and in the fall of 2013, Colorado hash-maker and grower William “Kind Bill” Fenger wanted to try something new. He wanted to trap the smell, potency, and taste of a freshly harvested cannabis plant by flash freezing them via a frozen water hash method. 

Live Resin after the flash freezing process.
Live Resin after the flash freezing process.

Live Resin Technology

Live resin is essentially a connoisseur grade form of BHO that focuses on maintaining a pure and strong flavor profile—however making live resin is much more complex than producing traditional BHO. The main difference is live resin is made with flash frozen bud instead of dried and cured bud that is used making other concentrates. Using fresh, frozen bud allows a wider range of terpenes and cannabinoids to be extracted, but it does require specific equipment to pull off. 

Gentleman smoking live resin against the sun

Live Resin Flavor Profile 

Live resin utilizes freshly harvested bud, so this means the cannabinoids and terpenes won’t have the chance to degrade like it does with the traditional curing and drying process—sometimes loosing up to 60 percent of its terpenes and essential oils. 

Since live resin has a higher concentration of terpenes, the consistency is liquid and sappy like. Some could argue live resin is more unstable than other products like glass or shatter, however, the taste and aroma are far superior to all other types of concentrates. 

The Benefits of Live Resin

The nice thing with live resin and other concentrates is it gives you the option to take in large percentages of cannabinoids and THC in a single inhale, which mitigates negative side effects from smoking. High potency levels of concentrates have been proven to be incredibly helpful for people who need cannabis to alleviate their pain or other complications due to various medical conditions. 

Additionally, more and more research keeps piling up finding how terpenes are not only responsible for the taste and smell of Marijuana—but they are needed to achieve the famous yet beneficial entourage effect. This means live resin has the potential to offer huge advantages and advancements in the world of medical marijuana and for society as a whole. 

Tips for Our Cannasseurs

If you are a cannabis connoisseur that loves experiencing the diverse flavors and aromas these plants have to offer, we advise against using live resin in vape pens as you don’t get the entire flavor profile this way. Instead, we recommend using your live resin with a good dab rig or smoking it on top of your favorite bud in a bong or pipe to get the best taste and aroma from your live resin.

Examples of dab rigs used for inhaling cannabis concentrates like Live Resin
Several examples of dab rigs used for inhaling cannabis concentrates like Live Resin


For a more visual and in-depth process of extraction and the history of Live resin, check out this video from our friends at

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