Moon Rocks: What are They and How do I Make Them?

Moon rocks

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Moon rocks
A moon rock is flower, hash and keif. Image courtesy of Leafly.

What Exactly Are Moon Rocks?

Some of the most expensive nugs you will likely ever come across will be moon rocks, and for one good reason—they are the most potent way to smoke marijuana. Moon Rocks are a combination of flower, hash oil, and keif, and they are surprisingly easy to make, smoke, and enjoy.

Moon rocks were essentially created for connoisseurs as a way to take their smoking experience to the next level. In a nutshell, moon rocks are buds covered in hash oil, covered in keif— making them extremely potent. This is why we strongly advised new smokers to start out slow until you know your tolerance levels. Quality and potency depend on the quality of the materials used, so it is always advised to obtain your product from a reputable dispensary.

Making Moon Rocks

Making moon rocks yourself as opposed to buying them gives you the freedom to customize the potency using weaker or stronger flower, keif, and hash oils. Since moon rocks are usually only sought after by cannabis connoisseurs, most people making them want to get the best flavor and highest potency possible.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fresh Flower Buds 
  • Hash Oil
  • Keif
  • Butter Knife
  • Lighter
  • Tongs or Silicone Gloves

Begin by taking one of your fresh buds (make sure the buds aren’t dry, otherwise they will fall apart) and place a liberal amount of hash oil on your butter knife. Then, run your lighter on the underside of the knife back and forth, slowly heating up the hash oil on top just enough to melt it, but not to burn it.

After you’ve melted the hash oil, take the tongs or silicone gloves to pick up your bud. Spread the melted oil on your bud with the butter knife until they are completely coated.

Finally, take your hash covered buds and cover them with keif until they look like   little powdered doughnut holes. You should not be able to see the bud or hash oil under the top coating of keif.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks

Now for the best part—smoking them. As we mentioned earlier, moon rocks are one of the strongest ways to smoke weed, and as a result, be ready for a really strong high. Once you have prepared yourself, you can pretty much consume moon rocks like you do normal flower except for a couple of exceptions.

First: DO NOT USE A GRINDER! Running a moon rock through a grinder will make it so sticky to the point you won’t be able to use it, and you will lose a lot of keif and hash oil in the process. If you need smaller moon rock pieces to load, break them into smaller clumps by hand.

Second: While using rolling papers aren’t as bad as using a grinder on moon rocks, we still don’t recommend them. The oil and keif make lighting joints very hard, sometimes next to impossible by blocking the airflow— leaving you to watch your hash oil and keif go up in smoke.

Instead, we advise smoking them in a glass bong or pipe to get the most out of your experience and money.

Why We Love Moon Rocks

Moon rocks are a fun way to experience three different cannabis products all at once, and the best part is they will get everyone high— even people with a high tolerance. If you are looking to elevate your smoking sessions or longing for a high similar to the first time you smoked, we definitely recommend adding moon rocks into your repertoire.

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