Joints VS Blunts

Man rolling a joint

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Man rolling a joint
Man rolling a marijuana joint.

Joints VS Blunts: Which is Better?

Considering the fact there are now more ways than ever to consume cannabis, it is surprising to find the vast majority of people still prefer to smoke up with a joint or blunt. For newbies that are still learning the ins and outs of consuming cannabis, and have wondered what the difference is between a joint and a blunt— keep reading.


A rolled blunt
A rolled marijuana blunt.

The most noticeable difference between blunts and joints is the color. Blunts will almost always be darker than joints because they contain tobacco; they are typically a tan color that can come in a variety of sizes, shapes and flavors. The only blunts that do not contain tobacco are hemp wraps, so if you do not want to consume tobacco, do not smoke a blunt.

One minor caveat to be aware of: natural unbleached papers can be the same tan color as a blunt, however, joints can be distinguished from blunts because they will roll a much thinner cigarette than a blunt would.

A woman smoking a joint
A woman smoking a marijuana joint.

Joints are rolled with papers that can range in colors and flavors—some even have designs and gold coating etched on them. Some joints have paper filters (called crutches) that help improve the stability of the joint while preventing you from burning your fingers at the same time.



Burn Time

man smoking a blunt
Man smoking a marijuana joint.

For blunt smokers, the top cited reason given for their preference came down to the burn time. Blunts burn longer than joints because they are rolled with thicker paper, however, there are now slow burning papers on the market that allow joint smokers to enjoy the perks of a longer smoke session, sans tobacco. Slower burns also allow more time to pass and share with friends, not to mention it wastes less bud between passes. Ultimately joints are more suitable for solo sessions and blunts are better for group settings.


Typically, rolling joints are easier than blunts, and we definitely recommend joints if you are a newbie or just want to avoid extra obstacles. There is no prep that goes into rolling a joint aside from pulling the paper out and laying it down. Blunts on the other hand require a lot more preparation. The tobacco leaves that blunts are wrapped in need to be fresh and kept moist they run the risk of drying out or becoming moldy if they are not properly handled.

THC Delivery

To determine which method packed a more powerful THC punch, we turned to science and discovered joints are the winner, hands down. Joint smokers THC levels peaked at a whopping 52% higher than their blunt smoking counterparts.

Comparison chart of THC absorption in joints vs blunts
Comparison of THC absorption in joints vs blunts


The Winner? Joints

Now that we have covered the pros and cons of both blunts and joints, it is easy to see that joints have more advantages than the blunt. They are more affordable, accessible, easier to use, and healthier (tobacco free), with the only downside being a faster burn time. Blunts have their advantages and special place in the hearts of the cannabis community, however joints are just a better option for many reasons.

Please feel free to stop by or contact us with any questions you may have regarding this article and we will be happy to answer any questions! Cheers fellow connoisseurs!

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