How to Roll the Perfect Joint

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How to Roll the Perfect Joint!

One of the most important skill sets to acquire as a cannabis connoisseur is learning how to properly roll a joint. But before we get rolling, you should have a basic understanding about what a joint is, and the types of rolling papers there are to choose from. With that being said, thin papers do make for a better taste, but they are a bit trickier to roll overall. 

Step 1: Grind Your Bud Down

Getting your bud broken down into a more even and easily smoked consistency by using a grinder is what we recommend to get the most out of your product and high. If a grinder is not at your disposal, using your fingers to break it down will suffice in a pinch—but be aware that these joints will be lumpier, not to mention it increases the likelihood of the joint canoeing.

Step 2: Prepping the Filter (optional)

While this step is not necessary to get a joint rolled, it is a recommended step to enhance your smoking session. To make this, take a piece of filter paper and tear a small piece off, folding one end into whatever shape you want— as long as there are no wide gaps in it. With the remaining filter paper, roll the paper around the shape you folded earlier. The reason we recommend a filter is because they protect any loose weed from flying into your mouth, and from burning your fingers when you get to the end of the joint. The only downside to a filter is it gives the end of your joint a slight paper taste when it begins to burn down near the filter. 

Step 3: Putting it on Paper

We feel the greatest way to make something official is to put it on paper. Especially when it comes to joints. The two most common types of joints you will see are the bat and the pinner. Bats are cone shaped with the end of the joint being much wider than the other end—resembling a baseball bat. Pinners look more like a cigarette, and both ends are even and straight. 

Bats are ideal for solo smoking sessions because the first several hits have hardly any paper, and they contain more product— which gives a better taste and faster high. Pinners are good in social situations because the straight and even shape allows for a straight and even smoking session that gives everyone a good even sized hit. If you decided to go with the Pinner style, place an even amount of product on your rolling paper. If you are going with the Bat style, place less at the end where the filter is and gradually increase the amount as you move up the paper, away from the filter end. 

Once your joints are filled, you can begin to shape your joint by using your forefingers and thumbs to roll the side that is not sticky up and down until it becomes a lump-free cylinder —the best shape to ensure you’re rolling a tight joint.

A rolled blunt
Rolling and tucking is the hardest part of the joint/blunt rolling techniques.

Step 4: The Tuck

This step is where people usually go wrong. Before you can call yourself a joint roller, you will have to master the fine art of “the tuck”. The main thing to remember here is to begin at the side with the filter, tucking the paper across it, moving your thumb on the opposite end while tucking the remaining bits of paper.

Step 5: Lick and Roll

Once you have mastered the tuck, roll your joint until you come to the glue-end of the paper and lick it to add enough moisture to get it to stick, and pat it down—slowly making your way across the joint until it becomes sealed. 

Technically you are done rolling the joint and it is smoke-able at this step, however, you’ll need to make sure it is rolled tightly. You can do this by using something small like a hoodie string, shoelace tip, tweezers, or a pen to shove the weed down from the side you will be lighting to compact the weed—filling in any large gaps that might be in the roll. 

Caution: Do not over pack your weed or there will not be enough airflow to get a good hit, which ends up wasting a lot of your product. 

Step 6: Twist and Burn

Now comes the best part: just twist the end of your freshly rolled joint shut using a bit of saliva to seal it. Light, smoke, and enjoy! 

Test it out and see how well you did, and if it canoes, you probably will need to roll a tighter one next time—but keep practicing! You will get better.

For those of you who are visual learners, check out this great video tutorial from High Times on how to roll the perfect joint. 

Please feel free to stop by or contact us with any questions you may have regarding this article and we will be happy to answer any questions! Cheers fellow connoisseurs and happy rolling!

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