How to Prevent Your Joint from Canoeing

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How to Prevent Your Joint from Canoeing-

Cannabis Connoisseurs that enjoy consuming their cannabis via a joint or blunt will need to know how to prevent them from canoeing if you want to get the most out of your session. In a nutshell, “canoeing” refers to when your joint or blunt burns unevenly and if you don’t do anything to stop it, it will start to take the shape of a canoe. 

Canoeing can be brought on by several factors including rolling it too loose or smoking in the wind—but lucky for you, we have solutions that can be used, no matter how it started.


Roll it Tight

A big tip to prevent a joint or blunt from canoeing is to roll a tight joint that doesn’t have any gaps or spaces, but not so tight that you can’t smoke it. If you need pointers on how to roll the perfect joint, we have a step by step tutorial you can refer to so you can avoid this issue all together. 

 If there is space between the paper and marijuana, it will almost certainly end up as a sinking canoe—so we really stress that you take your sweet time rolling up so you don’t have to go back and fix it later. 

If you did not take your time and you have encountered an active canoeing, it is important to act quickly so it doesn’t get out of hand. Tilt your joint in a way that places the faster burning side at the bottom. The reasoning behind this is the fact heat rises, allowing it to burn on the longer side, letting it to catch up to the faster burning side— which evens things out a little bit.

Light it Even

Even if you are the world’s best joint roller and there are zero gaps or spaces in your cigarette, it is still possible to have a canoeing joint by lighting it incorrectly. 

Taking your time here is also important—do not start toking on your joint until you have made sure it is lit evenly. If you’re in windy conditions, try to block it the best you can when you are lighting the tip because as we all know, the wind can cause the flame to jump around and burn parts of your joint you didn’t want ignited. However, it is possible to get it lit in the wind the correct way, which would be spinning your joint while you are lighting it up—making sure to distribute the flame equally and evenly on each side. Once you have successfully done this, it is ok to give it a test toke to see if it is burning evenly. .

Keep the Faster Burning Side Moist

This trick is one of our favorites. When your joint is canoeing, you can slow the fast burning side of the joint by using moisture such as water or saliva. If you don’t have a wicked case of cotton mouth, we suggest licking your finger and smearing your saliva on the rapidly burning side. If you do have cotton mouth, use water instead.

Final Toke

If you want to enjoy your joints or blunts without them canoeing, take the precautions necessary to prevent it in the first place. Just make sure it is rolled nice and tight, no gaps, no wind, and light it evenly. If all else fails, take quick action in the tips we outlined—and your joint should be redeemable. Being proactive and learning to stop canoeing joints will only make your future smoking session that much sweeter. 


For our visual learners, here is a great video on how to prevent and stop canoeing joints! 

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