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Cannabis Flower For Sale in Breckenridge, CO

Cannabis flower is the smokeable, leafy part of the female cannabis plant, containing the sticky hairs known as trichomes. The cannabis flower is the most well known and popular form of cannabis consumption. It is the most versatile form of cannabis and can be used in a bowl, bong, pipe or inside rolling papers like a cigarette, as either a joint or blunt. Cannabis flower can also be used in cooking recipes.

Cannabis Flower FAQs

What are the different types of cannabis available at Breckenridge Organic Therapy?

The cannabis plant comes in two basic strains, known as indica and sativa. The combination of the two strains is known as hybrid. Both indica and sativa have different levels of THC and CBD, and produce varying effects when consumed. The sativa strain’s leaf is long, thin and a light color. The indica leaf is broad, wider and a dark color. Because the strains produce different effects, you want to take time to test which works best for your needs.

What effects do different cannabis strains have when smoked?

The sativa strain typically is considered to be a more uplifting, creative and conscious-elevating effect when smoked, often inspiring and expanding thought and ideas. Sativas are considered ideal for creative experiences, social gatherings or as something to enhance everyday experiences, like walking or enjoying a movie.

The indica strain is considered more calming, sedating and medicinal. The effect can produce relaxation and often is used to improve sleep because of the strain’s more calming and chilling effect in both mind and body.

Where Can I Find Cannabis Flower in Colorado?

You can find a wide selection of cannabis flower in CO at our Breckenridge dispensary, serving both medical and recreational cannabis users. .

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