What are the best strains to use after hitting the slopes?

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These are the top five strains to use after hitting the slopes or before exercise.

The value of cannabis as an effective performance enhancer and pain reliever is
increasingly being recognized in helping to energize workouts, and to relieve sore
muscles caused by rigorous physical activity— which is ideal before, during, or after a
a workout or exercising.

There are many reports and studies surfacing that show promising evidence of certain
strains of cannabis being effectively used to help with weight loss and fitness regimes
by fighting fatigue and anxiety, increasing endurance, and (internal link to other blog?)
boosting metabolism. Depending on the strain and how it is consumed determines how
it will affect our bodies and make us feel. But which strains are the best to use after
snowboarding/skiing, before exercise and why?

The top 5 strains are:

  • Bruce Banner

    This sativa dominant hybrid strain is noted for delivering a swift
    kick of energizing and heady effects which you will feel almost instantly— making
    it great to use after or before a workout.

  • Harlequin

    A popular sativa-dominant hybrid that is a hit among gym-goers and
    athletes for its high CBD content. The increased levels of CBD block any
    psychoactivity caused from the THC, which allows you to remain focused while
    delivering nice physical feelings of relaxation. Many skiers and snowboarders
    love this strain because they find it is just right for staying active and maintaining
    energy levels throughout the day.

  • Jack Herer

    This internationally recognized strain will guarantee a happy,
    euphoric, uplifted mood that helps to battle laziness and promotes motivation.
    Jack Herer will give you a natural energizing and clear-headed high. In fact, the
    main characteristic that separates this strain from other strains, is the strong
    body high and concentration levels it produces.

  • Sour Diesel

    This potent strain has a high THC content, which makes it useful for
    focusing your attention on what you are doing. Sour Diesel is also found to
    induce a very strong energizing effect that will help kick you into high gear, but at
    the same time it will completely melt any pain or soreness away—which is great
    for avid hikers that are always on the move. A lot of users love
    medicating with this strain because it is great for individuals who may struggle
    going to the gym or need some help battling fatigue.

  • Cannatonic

    This is a very unique strain of cannabis due to the levels of its high
    CBD content and wide array of medicinal benefits. This strain will barely give you
    a high, if any— however for many people, a high is not necessarily what they are
    looking for. This strain has very uplifting and calming side effects and is great for navigation, focus, and memory. If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast, this will
    provide the focus and energy that you need to be safe and alert—which is useful
    when you’re dealing with dangerous terrain or advanced tricks.

Cannabis can be an effective enhancer, but be alert.

As we can now see, when it comes to productivity and exercise, the amount and strain
of cannabis used plays a very important role in your experience. However, it is always
important to be alert of yourself and your surroundings, especially when using cannabis
or anything else that can alter your mental state. With that being said, cannabis is an
effective tool that can be used to enhance how we live and experience our lives
mentally, emotionally, physically, and recreationally!

What are your experiences with strains and their effect on your physical performance?
We want to know!

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