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Breckenridge Organic Therapies Top 18 Strains of 2018

In the almost 5 years since marijuana’s legalization here in Colorado, there has been a constant barrage of new strains being developed every single year—which can be get pretty overwhelming for some of our Cannasseurs. The culmination of the holiday season is a friendly reminder that this year has come to an end, and with that, we figured what better time than now to compile a comprehensive list of our top 18 strains of 2018? 

Some of the pictured strains are similar to strains present in our Top of 2018 list and might be available for a limited time. Stop by BOT today to see if we have any of the strains mentioned in this article or pictured here!

So, without further ado, here are our top picks for the year!

MAC from Dutch Boy made our top strains list easily!

1. MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) from Dutch Boy

Also known as the MAC, this bad boy is a perfectly balanced hybrid crossed between Columbian Gold and Alien Cookie strains that offer fluffy buds and frosty trichomes. MAC is very efficient at melting away stress and sore muscles—providing a nice smooth smoke and citrus flavor. Ideal for zapping away tension, depression, anxiety, minor aches and pains that will leave you with a nice mellow high.  

White Fire is Earthy with a relaxing mental high; perfect for relief from illness or other conditions.

2. White Fire OG from Verde

Distinguishable by its spicy and earthy smell, we love how this strain offers a relaxed mental high that is ideal for creative and social events. This balanced Indica is complete with dense buds that are loaded with terpenes that are responsible for it’s beautiful dusting of “white fire.” We love recommending this strain to people who are looking to find relief from depression, stress, pain, and nausea due to the euphoric, relaxed and happy high it produces. 

A SFV OG Kush bud. Image provided by Weedmaps.

3. SFV OG Kush from CAM (Colorado Alternative Medicine)

Don’t confuse this Indica-dominant strain with its dad—the SFV OG strain. The SFV OG Kush has a nice clean lemony pine smell that is known for producing very relaxing and euphoric highs which is great for stress, pain, and depression. But make sure you have a water bottle nearby as this strain is known for causing dry mouth. 

A Vadar OG bud. Image provided by Weedmaps.

4. Vader OG from Natty Rems

Just like Luke, this strain will leave you wondering who your own father is. Vader is a strong Indica that will knock you out thanks to its lineage of a cross between the potent Larry OG and SFV OG strains. Perfect for treating stress, muscle spasms, insomnia, seizures, pain, and depression thanks to the strong pain-relieving properties and uplifting mental high it provides. 

Image of a Tropicanna bud. It really does taste fruity and delicious!

5. Tropicanna from 14er

This rare and balanced hybrid is noted for its tasty citrus, and fruity flavor—and for producing a very strong head and body high that leaves you feeling euphoric and uplifted while boosting creativity. Tropicanna is great for treating stress, anxiety, depression, ADD, and appetite loss. A cross between White Widow and Big Bud, this amazing strain is great for daytime or nighttime use. Here is a whole article from Dope Magazine about this amazing strain!

gelato cannabis strain
Image of a Gelato bud (similair to Gelato by Phresh) courtesy of Leafly and member: Anonymous.

6. Gelato from Phresh

Created from the hybrid strains Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet, this Californian native get its moniker from its sweet and fruity aroma. But don’t let its sweet name and smell fool you—this THC powerhouse should be consumed cautiously because it is strong! Perfect for those looking for a strain that provides a strong physically relaxing high that is rounded out nicely by inducing creativity. While this strain is great for anxiety, stress, depression, pain, insomnia and fatigue, it will give you a pretty bad case of dry mouth so again, have some water on hand. 

Super Silver Flo produces a very uplifting and energetic high.

7. Super Silver Flo from Natty Rems

This in-house hybrid strain is extremely aromatic with notes of sweetness and hash. It produces a very uplifting and energetic high, which is great for daytime use and those looking to be stoned but not couch locked. This multicultural favorite is crossed with several different strains including Northern Lights #5, Skunk#1, Haze, Flo, Afghani, Highland Thai, and Purple Thai. 

Image of a Juicy Fruit bud from Natty Rems. Image provided by Weedmaps.

8. Juicy Fruit from Natty Rems

A favorite among Coloradans—Juicy Fruit is a cross between pure Thai Sativa and pure Afghani Indica that has a nice sweet and tangy smell. The highs this strain produces are typically described as inducing a light-headed dizzy feeling, followed by a very euphoric relaxed yet focused high— making it ideal for treating depression, stress, ADD, pain, nausea and loss of appetite. 

A Natty Rems Gogi OG bud. Image provided by Weedmaps.

9. Goji OG from Natty Rems

This sativa-dominant hybrid is created from the Snow Lotus and Nepali OG strains. Goji has a very distinct aroma— a mix of red berry, strawberry, black cherries, and licorice. Like some of our other favorite strains, this one also is known for producing a nice euphoric, relaxed and creative high that is perfect for treating depression, stress, appetite loss, chronic pain, and nausea.  

Image of a Key Lime Pie bud from Verde Naturals. Image provided by Weedmaps.

10. Key Lime Pie from Verde

While this strain is technically a hybrid, it smokes like a strong Indica that boasts a strong mint, lime, and chocolate flavor that leaves tokers with a relaxing body high—which is great for helping people suffering from chronic insomnia and pain to find relief. 

white-romulan cannabis strain

11. White Romulan from CAM

Derived from The White and Romulan strains, this balanced hybrid omits a strong spicy/earthy/fruity flavor that is helpful for stimulating appetites and relieving stress after a long day. White Romulan’s most notable effects are relaxation, euphoria, sleep, and hunger making it invaluable in treating stress, pain, insomnia and nausea. 

Similar to Hells Angels OG Kush, this Hells Monkey Kush has a lot of the same relaxing qualities. Image provided by Weedmaps.

12. Hells Angels OG Kush from CAM

The strain formerly known as Biker’s Kush or Hell’s Angels OG is proud to claim Blackberry and OG Kush as its parents. This highly therapeutic strain has a strong earthy flavor that also happens to be extremely effective in treating pain, inflammation, PTSD, and insomnia. In fact, tokers around the country praise this strain for its ability to let them turn their brains off and relax. Sounds pretty good to us!

This Triangle Kush also exhibits some “deep relaxation without getting too sleepy” effects like the Coal Creek Kush strain from Verde.

13. Coal Creek Kush from Verde

This powerhouse hybrid is crossed with Chemdawg 91 and MK Ultra. Tokers rave over the fresh sour and piney taste this strain has, and because of the amazing balancing high it offers: deep relaxation without getting too sleepy. This bad boy is ideal for treating pain, stress, muscle spasms, insomnia and inflammation—we can see why this strain is a fan favorite.  

Cookie ‘n’ Cream is a sweet tasting strain with euphoric qualities.

14. Cookies n’ Cream from Veritas

This strain has some secrets up its sleeve—crossed with Starfighter and an undisclosed Girl Scout Cookie phenotype, her exact lineage is a mystery. However, this sweet tasting strain gives users long lasting relief from pain, depression, headaches and insomnia leaving you feeling relaxed and euphoric. 

Image of a Granola Funk bud, one of Colorado’s favorites.

15. Granola Funk from Veritas

This funky Indica hybrid is a cross between Wookie and Girl Scout Cookie that has a pleasant sugar cookie and berry smell followed by a doughy and fruity flavor. Granola Funk gives users a nice jolt of energy, followed by a relaxing body and mental high which is why we love this strain for treating insomnia, anxiety, eating disorders, and minor pain relief. This strain has been called one of Colorado’s favorites!

Chemmy Jones has an uplifting energetic high!

16. Chemmy Jones from Verde

Another amazing sativa-dominant hybrid derived from the Casey Jones and Chemdawg D strains provide a very uplifting and functional high—letting you stay productive and euphoric. Noted for its sweet diesel flavor, it has been found to be useful for treating stress, pain, and depression issues. 

Purple Kush cannabis flower
High quality Purple Kush flower that is similar to Now ‘n’ Later by Clearwater.

17. Now n Later from Clearwater

As an Indica-dominant hybrid with rare genetics—this sweet and sour strain is a cross between Cvndylvnd and Blue Power that packs a mean body and head high which gives users a deep sense of well-being and physical relaxation perfect for treating insomnia, stress, muscle spasms, and loss of appetite. 

Relaxation, euphoria, and sleep-inducing properties make Purple Punch a definite mention on this list.

18. Purple Punch

This beautiful union of Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG gave birth to the trichrome laden strain that smells of blueberry muffins, grape candy, and Kool Aid. This potent yet delicious strain will hit you with a one-two punch straight to your head and body—all while leaving a good taste in your mouth. Relaxation, euphoria, and sleep-inducing properties make it an excellent choice in treating stress, pain, depression, and insomnia. 

The Final Hit

While we have our personal list of favorite strains, we want to remind you that everyone is different and the strains that float our boat may not necessarily float yours. The best way to find your favorite strains is to follow your nose and to judge for yourself—but feel free to use our list as a starting point or guide. 

We hoped you found our top strains of 2018 helpful in your future decision-making endeavors, and from the Breckenridge Organic Therapy family to yours—we want to wish you “high times” in your New Year!

Check out High Time’s video from Mantha Productions about top strain picks for 2018!

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