420 Friendly Camping in Colorado

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Some things simply go together in life: PB&J, hot cocoa and marshmallows, and, of course, cannabis and camping. Stepping out under the stars with your favorite flower, cannabis vape, or otherwise, can definitely be an enlightening experience. Looking for 420-friendly camping in Colorado? Check out our top picks.

1. Wilderness Bud and Breakfast

Located along the Rio Blanco headwaters, Wilderness Bud and Breakfast is one of the most recognized 420-friendly campgrounds in Colorado. Spend your time immersed in a total wilderness experience with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain scenery. Teepees and tent sites are available for guests who also have access to a camp kitchen, charcoal grill, utensils, and outhouses. The owners also provide continental breakfast every morning and host 420 Happy Hour at 4:20 pm daily. Cannabis consumption is perfectly allowed in the teepees and elsewhere throughout the grounds.

2. Joyful Journey Hot Springs

Known as the place where “healing waters flow,” Joyful Journey Hot Springs is located in Moffat, CO, which is about 30 miles south of Salida. If you’re all about finding sanctuary and relaxation, Joyful Journey is a good place to land. Not only does the establishment operate as a spa with a full spa menu, but you can also opt to spend a night or two with perfect views of the Sangre De Cristo mountains. Tipis, yurts, RV sites, and general campsites are available. If you plan to have a few tokes during your stay, simply head to the designated smoking Pavilion on the grounds.

3. Fort420 Campground

Fort420 Campground can be found tucked away in Costilla County on the outskirts of Fort Garland. Specifically brought to life to give cannabis enthusiasts a place to camp and fellowship with like-minded individuals, this southern Colorado campground is a top pick among travelers. Pick from a basic campsite, a powwow site with a teepee tent included, or a larger campsite big enough for two small tents.

4. CanyonSide Campgrounds

CanyonSide Campground is situated in Bellevue, Colorado. This campground offers RV sites, tent sites, glamping sites, and cabin rentals for guests, so you can choose how you prefer to spend your stay. If you have your dog in tow, be sure to stick with cabins, glamping, or RV sites, which are all pet-friendly. CanyonSide also offers central showers and restrooms for campers, and if you pick one of the four ten sites, the restrooms are a brief walk away.

5. Rustic River Cabins

Just a few miles from the city center of Estes Park, CO, Rustic River Cabins are a step up from tent camping to ensure overnighters are as comfortable as possible. Rustic River does allow smoking on the property, but only outdoors. Each cabin is outfitted with its own wood-burning fireplace and creature comforts to ensure you have a good stay. This 15-acre campground is pet-friendly, offers a community picnic area, and has Wi-Fi access.

6. Camp Kush

Once known as Camp Christa for kids, Camp Kush is now a converted campground positioned on the border of the Colorado Plateau for cannabis-loving campers. Camp Kush has multiple options for wannabe star-gazers, from private cabins for couples to tent sites and RV areas. You can even stay in the hostel cabinets, which offer access to a community kitchen and hot showers. Take your pick and kick back in a laid-back environment with fellow cannabis enthusiasts.

Tips to Remember When 420-Friendly Camping

While much of Colorado is 420-friendly, the state does have laws to mind when it comes to public consumption. Therefore, always make sure you keep your cannabis consumption restricted to private campgrounds only. Also, always check out the policies of any private campground you plan to stay at—some will have rules in place prohibiting cannabis use on the property. A few other tips to remember:

  • Avoid state or federal-owned campgrounds if you plan to consume cannabis
  • Always be mindful of fellow campers who may not appreciate cannabis smoke the way you do
  • Make sure to always properly extinguish joints, pre-rolls, and matches before discarding them

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